Meet the team!
Ashley Cumberland
Ashley Cumberland
Helen Cumberland
Helen Cumberland
Ashley Cumberland introduces the Lowes Lane team!
Helen and I bought Lowes Lane Clay Shooting Ground in September 2005.
During the first year our membership grew phenomenally to eighty members due mainly, we believe, to the ground's significantly improved reputation.
A major bonus for us was our introduction to Dave Cheatham & Mick Treadwell; two volunteer instructors that were already at Lowes Lane. Both Dave & Mick were optimistic when we explained what we had in mind for Lowes Lane's future. Both helped Lowes Lane become what it is today.
Brian Roberts, Helen's father, has been at the forefront of the Ground regeneration and has helped to build up Lowes Lanes reputation to its current highly respectable level. With the annual re-investment that has been taking place and continuing, there has been a marked improvement in both the grounds visual aspect and the facilities that it offers both to shooting and to the club house.
Lowes Lane Clay Shooting Ground is a very pleasant and sociable club. It is growing both in its membership (138 members in 2007) and in it's reputation as a friendly and efficient shooting ground.
Ashley Cumberland
December 2007
Brian Roberts Dave Cheatham
Brian Roberts
Dave Cheatham
Correspondence please to:
Lowes Lane CSG |195 Thornborough Road | Coalville | Leicestershire | LE67 3TN
Contact details
Lowes Lane CSG
DE73 7GQ
07714 288473
01530 814729
Opening times
Wednesdays are shooter saver days!
Wednesday 10am-8pm
Evenings flood-lit
Friday 11am-4pm
Thursday 2pm-8pm
(April to September)
Saturday 10am-4.30pm
Open every bank holiday